Agile Mind

Our agile mind is very reactionary to sensation whether it is too hot or too cold, we nimble ourselves quickly. If there is difficult situation, we try to think as quick as possible in a jiffy to get out of that miserable state. We are intelligent in Our own ways. If it comes to tackle our own problems or it is about solving others miseries.

Our psyche acts like a interlocutor for itself. Most of the times we build conversation with our brain. A conversation is started like there is two people inside it. Talking about do’s and don’t. Giving instructions, assigning tasks, abstaining from doing something wrong, criticizing our foolish act. After all it is the master who controls our adventures and misadventures.

It pushes us sometimes to show empathy, make us sympathize with others. You may wonder how this mechanism really work. Is it some kind of supernatural power? No it ain’t. We are not super humans In fact. Are we? These questions excites you sometimes.

Let’s have a look on very simple instance that will make you awe. Are you ready?

Here we go. You watched a movie, some sort of fantasies. You are very much excited by the superpower of the protagonist. You just move your hands swooshing in the air to do some magic. It ain’t work, right. You feel the urge, why don’t you have any supernatural power?

Suddenly your psyche knocks you and tell.. Oh you fool! wake up! Ain’t you realize, you are in the real world. The reel was over. Don’t be such dumb ass. You won’t get such powers. Ah.. you got the realization you smirks on your own stupidity. That urge for superpower is gone. You become stable.


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