Perfectly Imperfect

When you are thinking deep to find a solution of the problem. You struggle hard to get yourself out. Sometimes it will take you so deep into oblivion like there is no way out. ‘No one lived a perfect life’, they say. You may wrangle with the above phrase, thinking it sounds redundant. However, you couldn’t do it; that phrase is like a gospel truth.

The word perfect is not existed anymore. The more you try to achieve the perfect, the more you will dive into imperfection. Don’t get shocked by the remark imperfection there. It’s perhaps right. We are so obsessed with the perfection, we don’t accept the imperfection in ourselves. Our mind is not trained enough to accept it.

In exam time we study like hell to get good marks. A student who had been preparing for the very first day of the class. We call them studious, bookworm, geek and so on. If he gets good marks he will enjoy or cherish it but will not be totally satisfied, because he had put more effort.

On the other hand, a student who had prepared just before the exam. If he gets average marks he will be totally satisfied, because he had put less effort.

Efforts in our life make us feel to achieve more. The one who tries to uplift himself with full energy will thrive. No matter, how hard the struggle is. Persistence and patience are key elements that will lead us to the pinnacle of success.

We can’t achieve anything with the blink of an eye. Our efforts and knowledge is needed for studying any subject. It is truly said, ‘Knowledge has no limits’. So don’t limit your horizon try to expand it.


2 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. Good blog. Our horizon of Knowledge can be expanded by making more and more contacts with new people and adopting their positive thoughts about each and every moment of life . 🙂

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